Terms & Conditions

March 2, 2024

  1. Coverage

    Becoming a policy holder of Speeding Insurance does not in any way, exonerate the policy holder from the other penalties associated with speeding, including. but not limited to, the following:

    1. Points on the policy holder's license
    2. License Suspension
    3. Community Service
    4. Imprisonment
    5. Fines for excess speeding

    If a claim is filed, the policy holder will NOT be covered by Speeding Insurance, regardless of the policy holder's policy, if any one of the following is true regarding the policy holder's speeding fine:

    1. was traveling in excess of 20mph OVER the posted speed limit
    2. was doubling the speed limit (or exceeding doubling)
    3. was driving a car not covered in the owner's policy
    4. was involved in speed-racing
    5. was consciously aware that the vehicle was speeding
  2. Premiums
    1. The policy holder is obligated, by the terms and agreement of the policy, to pay Speeding Insurance premiums on a monthly basis. These premiums are determined at the time the policy is signed and is viewable when user is logged into the Speeding Insurance website. If at any time the policy holder becomes unwilling or unable to remit their monthly premium to Speeding Insurance, their policy will be immediately suspended.

    2. The policy hoder's monthly premiums will increase or decrease based on the number of months they own the policy without filing a claim to Speeding Insurance. The amount of the increase or decrease is determined by Speeding Insurance. Notification will be sent to the policy owner if any price alterations to the account takes place.

More information can be found on our frequently asked questions page.
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