Frequently Asked Questions

March 2, 2024

  1. Are you Selling Insurance?

    NO. This product is not insurance or should not be confused with insurance. This is a reimbursement product only.

  2. Is this a Real Website?

    No. This website is for demo / promotional purposes only.

  3. What is the monthy rate?

    All rates are available on our Rates page. In short, though, rates range between $5-$10/mo dependant on few factors including:

    1. Your age demographic
    2. Number of past speeding tickets
    3. Your vehicle type

    Please visit our Rates page for much more detailed information!

  4. Isn't This Product Promoting Speeding?

    This site, its insurance policy, and none of its staff promote speeding in any way. Neither do we support or condone any form of wrecklessness, danger, or lawlessness. strongly adheres to the dogma that at all times persons should respect and obey any and all state and federal laws, including staying within the posted speed limits. Knowingly breaking any state or federal law, for any reason, is illegal and not condoned in any way by SpeedingInsurance©.

    What this site does NOT promote (and intends to protect against) is the unfair fees that are imposed by an impartial system looking out for its own interest. Please read our About Us page for more information on our philosophy on traffic tickets and the state policies that support them.

    SpeedingInsurance© is meant to protect you against fees brought by accidental speeding or dishonest officers saying you were speeding when you were not.

  5. Do my premiums go up when I get a ticket?

    Short answer: yes.

    But this is not meant to penalize you, per se. We are a bussiness, and for us to stay in bussiness we need to value our premiums at a rate that balances out our losses. Typically in this line of business when claims are filed by the policy owner the premiums need to go up. This is the only way that companies like ours can mitigate against imposed risk and stay in business.

    We are very up-front about this and encourage you to research the industry to see how it works in more detail.

    Articles on how premiums work: wikipedia |